Carnival & New Year


Carnival (Carnaval  in Portuguese) is, especially if you’re from a catholic country, a well known phenomenon.  Getting all liquored up, dressed up and party like crazy is what you most like tend to do. “Carnaval” however and especially ” Carnaval in Rio” is the mother of them all and you’ve probably heard that too. Only you really have to “see it to believe it”.


New Year

Brazilians know how to party and New Year’s eve in Rio is one of the prime examples of that statement. It is one of the biggest events of the year where during the day hundreds of people come to the seafront to pay homage to the Afro-Brazilian orixá, or goddess, Iemanjá, placing offerings in the sea. Music is played throughout the day, but it really kicks off around 7pm when live acts and DJs start up the sound systems on the official stages.