New Year

Brazilians know how to party and New Year’s eve in Rio is one of the prime examples of that statement.

    New Years Eve at Copacabana Beach

It is one of the biggest events of the year where during the day hundreds of people come to the seafront to pay homage to the Afro-Brazilian orixá, or goddess, Iemanjá, placing offerings in the sea.

Music is played throughout the day, but it really kicks off around 7pm when live acts and DJs start up the sound systems on the official stages. The main parties can be found on Copacabana Beach and they are huge.


Over a distance of 4 km three stages are constructed where you can find all different kinds of music, from Brazilian samba to electronic dance music.

At midnight it all comes to a climax when a spectacular ireworks show erupts to celebrate the new year.

Make no mistake however, because at this point the party is just getting started as people go on till the early morning.

Besides the stage on the beach you can find more parties in all the major hotels and nightclubs along the beach, the hotels are open all night long serving champagne breakfasts from around 3am on 1 January.

Practical information:

Around two million people are expected on Copacabana beach and transport in and out of the area is carefully organized.

Keep in mind that rads are blocked to traffic from 6pm on 31 December until 4am on 1 January.
There are however taxis and tourist buses to drop people off, also urban buses have free access.

To use the metro you are required to buy a special ticket in advance from certain stations. Check which stations will be open when you buy your ticket.

We invite you to come and celebrate New Years with us!


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