Client: Lisa S.
From: Chicago
Date: 22/12 - 7/1
Stayed at apartment: F06
Roger picked us up from the airport and from there on our adventure began! 
Frenkie showed us the apartment and took us clubbing. We really got to know the city because of Roger's great guidance.
Thanks guys! We will be back for sure!

Client: Simphiwe M.
From: Johannesburg, South-Africa
Date: 1/3 - 12/3
Stayed at apartment: 1137
The culture, people, diversity and carnival festivities were totally overwhelming – highly recommended trip of a life time!
The apartment was clean, modern, latest appliances and security firm.
The service was excellent.

Client: Scott Murry
From: Dallas TX, USA
Date: 4/3 - 18/3
Stayed at apartment: M01
Hello Frenk.
Thank you so much for coordinating my apartment rental and the tickets to the Sambadromo. 

Client: Heloisa Magalhaes
From: Brazil
Date: 6/7 - 29/7
Stayed at apartment: R01
Como foi a sua viajem pro Rio? Ótima
Gostou do apartamento? Ótimo
Preço/ Qualidade? Melhor custo benifício possível
Como foi o nosso servíço? Ótimo
Obrigada RioLocal! 

Client: Claudio Basualdo
From: Santiago, Chile
Date: 21/7 - 28/7
Stayed at apartment: E01
Hola Frenk,gracias por tu preocupación.
Todo OK con el departamento, lamentablemente ya mañana tenemos que volver a Chile.  Es bastante bueno. Cuando volvamos a Rio ,sin duda te llamare nuevamente.
Gracias por el dato de Rogerio,de verdad es el mejor guía del mundo como me dijistes antes. Gran persona,hicimos con el el tour por Rio y hoy nos llevo a Cabo y Buzios.
Gracias por todo.

Client: Perry Lee  
From: USA
Date: 18/7 - 28/7
Stayed at apartment: 1137
Frenk and Bruno,Thank you very much for your hospitality during our stay in Rio.  The apartment was excellent for our family, and we will not forget our time spent there!!!  The citizens of Brazil that we met are hard-working and very nice people.  Our kids definitely had a great time, and they did not want to leave, but life goes on ...  For sure, we will miss the beach!!
We are glad that we got to meet you, and you were professional.
Thanks and best!!
Lee family

Client: Jorge Luis Cano  
From: Argentina
Date: 22/8 - 29/8
Stayed at apartment: 1137
Rio de Janeiro es muy bueno, lo encontre limpio y super seguro, no tome un taxi en toda mi estadia, me maneje en omnibus, el servicio es perfecto, al igual que el metro. 
El apartamento es muy bueno, es tal cual se ve en las fotos, todo funciono, y todo esta en perfectas condiciones, tiene detalles de calidad. Solo que el edificio es un poco de mal gusto. La seguridad estaba realmente las 24 hs.
desde un primer moment Frenk, estuvo atento a mi necesidad de rentar el apartamento, el supo encontrar un adecuado a mis gustos y realmente asi fue.
Frenk realmente tiene profesion de sercivio. Altamente recomendable.
Las empresas no son de una sola persona. Frenk debe rodearse de gente capaz, tanto como el. 
Hoy dia para un viajero tipico tener wifi es basico, seria fundamental que el departamento para mayor comfort proximamente cuente con WiFi. Deberia de haber un kit de limpieza, para que el huesped pueda mantener el aseo del apartamento.
Muchizima gracias RioLocal Apartments!

Client: Claudia Schinke   
From: Brazil
Date: 23/8 - 10/9
Stayed at apartment: R01
Hi, Frenk
We loved the flat we stayed in. Simple, but cozy. And, best of all, in a quiet region of Copacabana! Perfect for people who came because of work. Will be back in the future.

Client: David Gibson 
From: Australia
Date: 8/9 - 12/9
Stayed at apartment: 85
The apartment has been absolutely perfect - just what we needed!  Unfortunately we have been so busy with work that we haven't managed to get outside of it too much!!

Client: Carlos Ortiz 
From: USA
Date: 16/9 - 2/10
Stayed at apartments: F06, R02, F03
How did you like Rio?

Rio is truly one of the world's jewels.  A modern bustling city set among jungle covered peaks and world-class beaches.  The only thing more beautiful than the scenery and sunshine?  The people, of course!  Enough said.  Come and experience it.

How did you like the apartment?
I have rented several places now through riolocalapartments, and the apartments are always exactly as advertised including wireless internet.  All have been nicely situated in safe and convenient parts of Rio.  

How did you like our service?
Service has always been excellent.  Airport pickup was on time.  Frenk met us at the apartment promptly to hand off the keys.  Pleasant and unintrusive cleaning service.  And most importantly, no hidden or unusual charges.  These guys certainly kept up their part of the deal, and even more, were easy to contact by both email, text, or phone.

Anything to improve?
One apartment I stayed in had a non-functioning old television, but that's a minor inconvenience when life in Ipanema is outside the front door.  I didn't come to Rio to watch tv!

Client: Marcio Hofmeister
From: Brazil
Date: 29/9 - 3/10
Stayed at apartment: R03
Gostou do Rio de Janeiro?
Amo o Rio de Janeiro, já conhecia e sonho poder morar nessa cidade.

O que voce achou do apartamento que voce alugou? 
Excelente. De muito bom gosto. Pretendo voltar em breve.

Gostou do nosso serviço? 
O serviço é plenamente satisfatório, e agradeço pela confiança em nós depositada.

O que pode melhorar? 
Todos sempre podemos melhorar. Claro que esperávamos alguém na saída, mas isso não nos causou maiores transtornos. Sinceramente, após pensar alguns instantes não me ocorreu nenhuma sugestão para vocês, o que demonstra que o apartamento realmente é muito bom.

Client: Edmond Leonardo Fernandez Jr
From: Chicago, USA
Date: 5/10 - 17/10
Stayed at apartment: 1001
How did you like Rio de Janeiro? 
I thought it was a good time there was a lot to see and the metro and Buss system was easy to use.

How did you like the apartment?
The apartment was great for us it had everything  we needed(except the remote for the cable tv).It was vary comfortable  and nicely kept with plenty of amenities.There was a grocery store across the street as well as plenty of transportation near by.

How did you like our service?
The service you provided was excellent.There was a power outage that was quickly remedied with a person that worked in the building. Another story was  I left my backpack in the apartment when we left and quickly called Bruno he headed back to the apartment and got my back and meet us in out taxi.He was awesome.

Anything to improve?
Every thing seemed to be in order.

Client: Julia Barreto Lobo
From: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Date: 7/10 - 10/10
Bruno e equipe,
O apartamento e o atendimento de vocês foi excelente. Novamente gostaria de agradecer a atenção dispensada neste final de semana e certamente contaremos com vocês para futuras locações.
Muito obrigada,

Client: Roger Weiler.
From: USA
Date: 26/10 - 30/10
Stayed at apartment: 580
Hi Frenk,
Yes, wonderful time in Rio, wishing I would have stayed!  Your consideration in helping us find the three bedroom on short notice was excellent.  Bruno was on time, professional, and friendly.  We will continue and have already passed your services off to our friends and coworkers that may prefer an apt to hotel.  We will also be contacting you in the future so make sure to remember our discount!  ; )
(One thing of mention was our third mate wasn't too happy about the 2 single beds in the middle room.  Maybe something to consider to make the rooms more equivalent when splitting costs) 
Good luck,

Client: Maxim M.
From: Russia
Date: 16/11 - 26/11 
Stayed at apartment: F04
1. I love Rio. That's why it was my 7th time there.

2. The apartment is very good, comfortable, good located
3. Service was very good too
So thank you very much for our vacation there.
Hope to connect with you for next time
Best wishes,

Client: Line and Jakob Brogaard Øster.
From: Denmark
Date: 4/12 - 6/12
Stayed at apartment: F02
1. How do you like Rio de Janeiro?

We have primarily been in Copacabana/Ipanema. These areas we like a lot, mostly due to the climate and the beaches. The beachfronts are very nice with their wide childfriendly sand areas, pedestrian walks and bicycle tracks.
The local people are very friendly, especially towards children, however it is suprisingly few who speaks any english which is a challenge for us since we speak absolutely no portuguise.

2. How did you like the apartment (except from the stairs)?
To be honest, the present apartment did not fit a family like ours, with small children. Primarily because of the unsecured stair, but also due to very little floorspace to play on.
For people without children, however, the penthouse apartment is nice with its private pool on the balcony, nice ocean view and newer bathrooms. 

3. How did you like our service?
The service by Frenk from Rio Local Apartments has been outstanding and far beyond what could be expected. In general Frenk has replied very fast on all queries and seems very proffesional, dedicated and trustworthy. Further, it is a big advantage that he is fluent in both portuguiese and english and has a large network.

In addition to his primary job - renting out an appartment - he:

  • Offered assistance with contact to hospital/doctor.
  • Offered assisistance in finding a maid/nanny.
  • Offered everything possible to cover up/secure the stair for our children.
  • Offered assistance with moving our luggage from one appartment to another.

Since the appartment we had booked and paid for didn't fit our needs/children, Frenk offered several alternatives (even though he was not obliged to)
1) Switching us into another appartment.
2) Let us move out of the appartment and ensured that he would put all his efforts into finding other tennants in order to minimize our loss.

Airport pick-up was punctual and flawless.

Anything to improve?

1) "Appartment data" on the webpage can seam misleading: e.g. swimming pool and gym facilities in the building was interpreted by us as INCLUDED. But in fact pool was only available in the weekends and gym one had to pay for on a monthly basis. (However, Frenk offered to pay this expence)

2) Check that all light bulbs are working. Several light bulbs were not working.

Client: E. Cappendijk
From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 25/11 - 8/12
Stayed at apartment: 1230
How did you like Rio de Janeiro?
Excellent, Rio is truly the marvelous city. The people are friendly, the beaches are beautiful and the atmosphere really brings you into excitement!

How did you like the apartment?
The apartment is very close to the beach, so for every person that loves to explore the beach area and have fast connection to down town should go to this apartment. The rooms are tidy and quite, especially considering the location of the apartment close to the beach.

How did you like our service?
Excellent, very friendly staff and really helpful in any way.

Anything to improve?
Some important kitchen utilities where missing like a toaster and a wine opener.

Client: D. Powers
From: Washington, USA
Date: 25/12 - 1/1
Stayed at apartment: 22
Hi Frenk,

I thought Rio was one of the most beautiful and exciting cities I have ever visited. 
The beaches, the scenery, the attractions, the food and the nightlife were all fantastic, easy to access and most things were reasonably priced compared to other big cities such as London or New York. 
This apartment was in a perfect location to enjoy the two most popular beaches with a 2 block walk to Ipanema and about 6 blocks to Copacabana. On the same street within a few blocks were excellent dining options, markets, shopping, the metro station, a laundry and numerous banks. 
I spent every morning walking the beaches or the lake and then would grab the metro and go sightseeing in other parts of town in the afternoon. 
Then I would enjoy dinner, drinks and music in the beach neighborhoods which I found to be perfectly safe and lively even late into the night. The apartment had a very large bedroom with plenty of closets and an air conditioner, a comfortable living space with cable TV (including American stations and WIFI) and an ample bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. 

The services provided by you and Bruno were excellent. You were very responsive via email in getting me information and making sure all questions were answered before the trip and you were very accomodating once I arrived helping with the logistics. 

The only thing I will mention that was negative was that the employees at the front desk in the building were not very friendly or helpful, especially the late night person. I realize they do not work for you or your agency but you might mention this to the owner of the apartment.

Thank you again for making my vacation successful and I wish you very good luck in the future.

Client: Diego D.
From: Argentina
Date: 13/1 - 21/1
Stayed at apartment: 1005
Hey Frenk, Río was amazing!! Very relaxing.
- The appartment outstanding.
- The service very good.
The only think to improve is the logistic when you received the gests. It should be more sharp in time. The rest of the service was excellent.
I will recoment you to my friends. Very good job Frenk.
I hope to come back soon.

Client: Carlos V.
From: Argentina
Date: 19/1 - 29/1
Stayed at apartment: 1230
Dear Frenk and Rosa, 
Thank you very much for the way you guys toook care of my family and me during our recent vacations and birthday celebration in Rio
It was so  good to meet you and we apreciatted your comittment to solve any kind of need from us either at the rented apt. or transportation or shows in Rio.
Please let me know when you have a future proposal for the   2014 World Soccer Cup  as maybe we could go to see some of Argentina  team games if they play in Rio or anywhere in Brasil !!!!!
Thanks again Frenk and Rosa and wish you the best for the future!
Best regards,

Client: Mark G.
From: California
Date: 29/2 - 7/3
Stayed at apartment: F05
How did you like Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro is a lovely city, and one of my favorite in the world. What I like most is the energy and atmosphere of the beaches, which is reflective of Cariocas. For many westerners, being exposed to a more relaxed way of life, and the importance of physical fitness and looking great, is very important. I would definitely come back to Rio, and place high among what I feel are its sister cities - Miami Beach and San Sebastian.

How did you like the apartment?
The apartment had a beautiful location, which was the penthouse level, and it had a view of Copocabana beach. I felt that the advertisments for the apartment where accurate in terms of pictures and amenities provided. The doormen were very friendly, and feeling at home in the apartment was very easy.

How did you like our service?
It was a pleasure to work with Frenk. He was very responsive to emails (for planning) and phone calls (when on site). I appreciated his punctuality and professionalism as well when checking in and checking out. Knowing he was there as a resource made our overall stay more comfortable.

Anything to improve?
At this time, there is nothing I would say nothing needed to be improved.


 Conor R.  

From: Australia

Date: 11/2 - 24/2

Stayed at apartment:
580 & 10


How did you like Rio de Janeiro?
It was amazing. My second time there and I had more fun this time around. Great city!

How did you like the apartments?
The apartments were great and was just what me and my friends needed and asked for.

How did you like our service?
Our first apartment was getting air conditioning installed so for the first four nights we were upgraded into  3 bedroom without any extra cost. Everything was smooth and the service we received was great.

Anything to improve?
Yes. Lower prices so I can stay for longer. Haha. Other than that all around great experience!


 J. Webster  

From: UK

Date: 17/2 - 3/3

Stayed at apartment:


How did you like the apartment?

Very nice, as described on your website. Nice to have the apartment fully equipped plates, cups etc

How did you like our service?
Good you always responded quickly to my emails

Anything to improve? 
Nada muito bem valeo!

Client: Stephanie H.
From: Belo Horizonte, MG
Date: 22/02 - 26/02
Stayed at apartment: 502
I always love Rio. I have been a dozen times or so, so I can give you more specifics if you need them. 

The apartment was very nice and clean. Sunny, nice tile, gas water heater, and in an excellent location. We were glad to be close to the grocery and the beach. I think you original ad for the apt showed that the whole apt was air-conditioned (I could be wrong- I looked at hundreds of ads), but the AC is only in the bedrooms. The other thing is the issue with the wireless, but you can fix that by taking it off the ad or telling the owner to hook up a real router. 

Your service was excellent. I appreciated how you were flexible with us on the payment, the arrival/check-out, etc. I have already told my friends here in BH to rent through you the next time they go! 

Client: M. Trewin
From: Perth
Date: 14/2 - 24/2
Stayed at apartment: 85
1. How did you like Rio de Janeiro?
This visit was my third time in Rio de Janeiro and as usual I loved my time there, many of the books I've read on Rio De Janeiro  focus on the dangers however, I have never had any troubles in Rio and have found the people are extremely helpful I just wish my Portuguese language was better. 

2. How did you like the apartment?
The apartment I chose through Rio Local Apartments was great, close to the beach and directly above a great little cafe it was also very close to supermarkets and restaurants.

3. How did you like our service?
At first I was hesitant about transferring money online to a company on the other side of the world and had not heard of before however, all my worries were quickly settled.  Rio Local Apartments replied instantly when I had any concerns and were easily contactable should I of had any concerns.  I would use Rio Local Apartments services again. 

4. Anything to improve?
I suggest that all monies are transferred through the internet rather than carrying cash to make final payment in future.

Client: N. Sam
From: Montreal, Canada 
Date: 25/5 - 4/6
Stayed at apartment: 263
1. How did you like Rio de Janeiro?
Our stay in Rio went exceptionally well. 

2. How did you like the apartment?
The Apartment was to our liking. Well maintained in a great location, very safe.

3. How did you like our service?
The service was very good. The internet worked perfectly and you were always reachable.

4. Anything to improve?
Some suggestions:
- Offer a list of things like supermarket, bus stations, international banks, pharmacy close by
- Offer some health and emergency measures, in case something was to happen
- Present a list of popular activities to do while in the city, close by or not.
- Have an English / Portuguese dictionary available
- Have few English channels available on TV

Client: P. Diniz
From: Betim, Minas Gerais 
Date: 6/6 - 10/6
Stayed at apartment: 580

Queria elogiar o serviço de vocês quanto a locação do apartamento! 

Fomos muito bem recebidos e o apartamento era excelente, como esperávamos!

Quando marquei pela internet fiquei com um pouco de receio, mas deu tudo certo e todos adoraram!! 

Já indiquei para um monte de gente o seu contato!!!



Client: P. Debbané
From: Vila Velha, ES 
Date: 30/6 - 4/7
Stayed at apartment: 580
Excelente apartamento. Muito bem localizado, claro, vista bonita para o mar de Ipanema. Os serviços também merecem destaque: roupa de cama e banho brancas, camas confortáveis e o administrador Frenk, sempre solicito e disponivel. É a segunda vez que utilizo os serviços de RioLocal e continuarei a utilizar, pois são muito confiáveis.
Único senão desse imóvel é o barulho que um supermercado promove ao retirar seu lixo de madrugada.

Client: Prof. Biggs
From: Nigeria 
Date: 15/7 - 25/7
Stayed at apartments: 502 & 10
Comment: Hello Mrs. Angela, Goodday and sorry for this late notice. 
Prof Briggs asked me to inform you that we arrived home (Nigeria) safely and are doing fine. 
He has asked me to express his sincere gratitude to you and the Tourism Board, for the way and manner you treated us while in Copacabana and to also let you know we all received our security deposits, all neatly packaged. 
He however tried calling you when we got back but could not reach you, but sent a text (sms) to you. Did you receive such?
Please accept our appreciation.

Client: A. Vidal
From: California, USA 
Date: 10/6 - 25/7
Stayed at apartment: R07& 22

1) Rio de Janeiro was great. I loved the beaches, food and the people.


2) I liked the apartment (R07). It was my first time staying in Copa, and it was great. I had everything I needed close by. Its in a safe neighborhood and the doorman was very helpful.


3) The service was great. Clean sheets and towels provided.


4) The only thing that could maybe use improvement in that particular apartment is to seal the window so that noise can not get in. The vent style window is always open, and that allows cold air to exit (More expensive electrical bill for owner), and as I said, the noise filters in.


5) Your welcome a million!!!!! 

Good luck in the future, 


Client: Brett G.
From: USA 
Date: 15/8 - 25/8
Stayed at apartment: 1005
We liked Rio de Janeiro a lot. We had a blast at the beach, in the favela tour (Rocinha), at a Botafogo football match, on Corcovado, through Centro, etc. It was a fun city and the Marioca are great. My Portuguese has also improved a lot.
The apartment was nice. It was a fantastic location. We liked Bip Bip, just around the corner. The staff at the front desk of the apartment were friendly and helpful. It was a good choice for us overall.
Your service was good. You and Anthony were easy to work with. 
Improvments: We didn't know how to make the hot water in the shower work (I would recommend written directions in the apartment in the future), the Wi-Fi didn't work after the first day, and I might suggest you provide some tour company brochures in the apartment for future visitors.
Thanks for everything. We will definitely contact you in the future when we return to Rio de Janeiro.

Client: Salomon D.

From: Mexico 
Date: 11/10 - 15/10
Stayed at apartment: 599
Thank you Frenk, that would be perfect, about the questions, we like so much Rio!! It's a beautifoul place, though we had bad luck with the people at restaurants and shops, they are not helpful with people that don't speak portuguese.  About the apartment its great, the best area of rio, very confortable, much more than we expected, of course  I will recomend it in Mexico. Thank you very much for everything Frenk, see you next time in Rio 

Client: Sylvain T.
From: France 
Date: 02/11 - 9/11
Stayed at apartment: 598
Rio de Janeiro is a nice city and for sure we will come back. We enjoy Ipanema area and to be honest the Ipanena’s atmosphere was in our point of view better than in Copacabana.

We visited “O Cristo Redentor” and it was amazing (the view, the feeling).
Apartment was as expected and really good. We love it and next time we will also rent an apartment rather than book a room in a hotel.

Your service and support was really good and the contact with the team was simple, friendly and efficient.

We see one area of improvement. Before coming into Rio it was difficult for us to make a choice between the different areas to stay. It will be useful to receive a guide/advice from RioLocal about where to stay. Something different than what we can find in a tourist guide: the RioLocal touch!

Client: Mark and Naomi
From: USA
Date: 16/11 - 23/11
Stayed at apartment: 7
Thank you so much for everything. All of the guides were amazing and professional and we have had a great time on all of the tours. Especially hang gliding, we LOVED it.
Another question, on our tour of the city with Roger he mentioned a place/neighborhood (near Escadaria Selaron) where there is dancing and parties at night in the street. I believe it is called Lapa? Would that be a good place for us to visit tonight? If so, can we get there by taxi/metro and how much would it cost?
Thank you so much for all your help!
-Mark & Naomi

Client: Giuseppe R.
From: Italy
Date: 25/12 - 5/1
Stayed at apartment: 1241

Ciao Anthony sono Giuseppe, ti scrivo solo per ringraziarti della disponibilità dimostrata e dirti che e' andato tutto bene. Terrò il tuo riferimento sperando di poterlo utilizzare in futuro.

Buon anno e grazie ancora.

Ciao Giuseppe 

Client: Eduardo L.
From: Argentina
Date: 25/12 - 8/1
Stayed at apartment: 479

Estuvimos con mis 3 hijos varones en Río de Janeiro pasando el Reveillon y fue una experiencia única y que merece ser vivida al menos una vez en la vida.


Habiendo estado varias veces en Río anteriormente, esta vez la encontré más hermosa (si eso es posible) y más, mucho más, segura. Caminamos con tranquilidad en todos los horarios, usamos taxi, metro y ómnibus y siempre todo muy tranquilo.


El departamento alquilado estaba perfecto, tal cual como lo mostraban las fotos, tal es así que en los 10 días que estuvimos, no necesitamos recurrir en ningún momento a los responsables, ya que todo funcionó de maravillas.


El servicio de los responsable fue perfecto al momento del alquiler, al momento de nuestro arribo a Rio y cuando tuvimos que dejar el departamento. Gente de primera y cumplidora.


Si tuviera que opinar sobre alguna eventual mejora, sería imaginar temas que no me aparecen en este momento, lo cual evidencia lo que fueron estos espléndidos días en esta ciudad maravillosa.


Gracis por todo. Eduardo


Client: Ward & Robby
From: Belgium
Date: 14/1 - 19/1
Stayed at apartment: 599

Sorry voor de late email, maar het was hier nogal druk bij onze thuiskomst. Eerst en vooral willen wij jou bedanken om de prachtige penthouse met ons te delen. Alles was perfect in orde. De flat op zich is super, de ligging is perfect voor Ipanema en het uitzicht is onovertroffen natuurlijk. Onze enige opmerking is om misschien gewoon het servies en het bestek wat aan te vullen. Verder willen wij ook graag Anthony voor de boeking en Rosa voor het hartelijke welkom en transfer bedanken.
Hopelijk tot binnenkort in Rio…Ward & Robby

Client: N. Johnson
From: USA, Florida
Date: 28/12 - 10/1
Stayed at apartment: E01
I would like to thank you for a great rental experience in Rio! We are planning to return next year and will definitely use your service. Thank you again and Feliz Ano Novo!!!
Noel D. Johnson

Client: M. Siems
From: Brazil, São Paulo
Date: 4/1 - 14/1
Stayed at apartment: 27
Rio at its best!
Think vacation-perfect: famous, sunny beach, surrounded by mom&pop’s convenience stores, and awesome, typical local food across the street from your spacious, well-furnished, AC-equipped condo. This is what we got at 27 Sousa Lima, in Rio on Copacabana beach! Our family had high expectations about New Year’s Eve in the most popular (and populous!) beach-city in Brazil, and we are happy to say all of them were more than met. Anthony and his team take care of everything, and, most importantly, reply immediately to your questions and needs. We are certainly happy to recommend their service, and we’re definitely going back!

O Rio ainda mais lindo!
Imagine as férias perfeitas: praia ensolarada, perto de um centro comercial cheio de lojinhas simpáticas, e com um boteco servindo as melhores porções da região, tudo isso em frente ao seu apartamento amplo e equipado com ar-condicionado, totalmente mobiliado. Imaginou? Pois tudo isso existe, na Rua Sousa Lima, 27, em Copacabana, na Cidade Maravilhosa. As nossas expectativas de um réveillon carioca deslumbrante foram mais do que superadas. O Anthony e sua equipe cuidam de todos os detalhes da estadia, e, o mais importante: são muito ágeis e rápidos em responder e-mails e fornecer informações. Foi, sem dúvida, um serviço de primeira, e é um prazer recomendá-lo aos internautas.